22 July 2011

Recovery post-WOD

Remember when sitting around because there was nothing else to do was normal. Now this is normal: sitting because you have no choice but to sit or lay flat until the world speeds back up again. Now that is progress! Frank has been MIA a few days now. Granted he has been busy keeping the bad guys in check among other things. He joined Outpost CrossFit to get back in shape like his National Guard days. More importantly he is doing it for a fallen buddy. You see, Frank and a several of his colleagues are participating in the Tough Mudder being held at Devils Head, WI. The Tough Mudder competition is supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project. Outstanding!


Tyler Y. Good stuff!

Not to be forgotten is Wisconsin native and on rotation at Outpost CrossFit is Tyler. Motivated. Dedicated and an all-around great guy. Now get to it fella’s!

WOD: Hit the Deck!*
*movements will be revealed day of
You know you love us!


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