5 Jan. 2012

We had a special guest fly in all the way from Oki (nawa that is). Sarah being the thoughtful person that she is brought Matt B. in for a good ol’ smokin’. He and I got to talking about stretching pre and post WOD. Sometimes it’s ok for things to burn, break or strain. But if you think it’s ok to allow your body to get to that point… you are mistaken. Always warm-up and Mobilize your achy tissues. They will thank you for it. Do work, son! 

Warm Up:
Mob. Knee/Glutes
Perfect squat 1 min.
Mountain Climber stretch (30 sec.)
10 High knees
10 Jumping Jacks
10 PVC trunk rotations

Tabata HSPU’s

3/5 RFT
Chest to Bar Pull-ups (strict)

Foam Roll


What are your thoughts?

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