Bacon Turtle Burgers! Woah!

As if eating bacon could NOT get anymore awesome! It has reached a new level of holysh*t-ness. We came across this fine addition to the culenary art of cooking with bacon on Cali Lewis’ Google+ page. We said to ourselves, “Holy sh*t! We have to rediscover the recipe. (Re)introduce it to the masses and then all will be right in the world again!” That’s what we said… Really.<blink>

So the hunt began for the mysteriously awesome Bacon Turtle Burger Recipe. If there is documentation then it happened. Right? Right. A few clicks of the mouse then BOOM! We land right on top of Bacon Today’s article with the recipe and ingredients.Well we knew you were going to run to either the fridge or the Paleo-friendly grocery store of your choice to make sure you have what is necessary so we took the liberty of providing the list of ingredients below…


4 oz. lean beef
1 pack of Hot Dogs
1 package of Bacon (at least ten strips)
Cheddar cheese (or any cheese of your choice)
1 egg white
Spices (salt, pepper, garlic salt, Worchestire sauce)

More info on all things bacon: Bacon Freak, Bacon Today


What are your thoughts?

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