Must Have CrossFit Apps

23 July 2012

We at Outpost CrossFit have been working diligently to streamline your blogging experience. We can be linked, liked, followed, pined, tumbled, plus oned (+1), and even retweeted.

More importantly, however, we’ve also done some streamlining for our members inside the box as well. There are certain apps that the athletes are using. We want to share them all CrossFitters. Not just locally but globally.

CrossFit App List: Home Screen Icon

Outpost CrossFit YouTube Channel Home Screen Icon

OneRepMax Calculator

Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1


Interval Timer

My Fitness Pal

Fast Paleo


Home Screen Icon Tutorial (iPhone)

To create the Home Screen Icons for both the website and the YouTube Channel simply open the one you desperately have to have on your iPhone Safari web browser. Next, hit the share icon (bottom, center). Finally, select “Add to Home Screen”. That’s it.



One response to “Must Have CrossFit Apps

  1. That’s right, Athletes: we want to make your Outpost experience as convenient and simple as possible, so all you have to do is push for that next PR and stay focused on your work at the box. There’s even more to come! Keep following, (liking, tweeting, posting…and all that good stuff) to find out what’s next!


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