No Sleep Diet

23 July 2012

You read that headline correctly. While sleep may elude many of is it is quite imperative to make amends with the Sandman and probably get comfortable with him to. Life with very little sleep cycles may increase your waistline, decreases your life span by about 5 years, and potentially make you an irreversibly crabby person. No one likes a crabby patty. So get some sleep anyway you can.

Excerpt from Paleoista’s article “Get Your Paleo ZZZZs On!”

Power and cat naps are UNDERRATED to the max! Can’t get relaxed? “There’s an app for that” Get a nice pair of headphones and download a sleep machine app of your choice. If it works for kids it will most likely work for the kid in you too. I use the Sleep Machine and it works very well for me! Or try the Zeo sleep monitoring device.


FitBit (Photo credit: Todd Huffman)

Ultimately, do your research. Simply wishing sleep to come is learned helplessness.

Linked articles: Washington Post, Unfettered Mind (fantastic analysis on learned helplessness), Sleep Machine, Zeo

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