Train Smarter Not Harder

24 July 2012

“Be Prepared” – Scout motto.

Yes. Yes. Summer is apparently making a strong showing. Temps in the Midwest are in the high 90’s. Running long distances is out of the question. If you are training in similar environs, keep the mayhem brief yet organized.

“What the hell do you mean keep the mayhem brief yet organized?” Plan ahead.  Have your action plan roadmap laid out in front of you. Think ahead. Have provisions; water, recovery, acute first-aid kit, cellphone, id and insurance (don’t let that last one get under your skin).

The point we’re making here is that CrossFit is about preparing for the unknown and the unknowable. Our community is predominantly made up of die-hard, salty, type A personalities who will push themselves well beyond their comfort zone.

So all you tough-as-nails, can-hackit fire breathers and tenderfoot CrossFitters alike you have been put on notice. Train Smarter Not Harder.

Gymnastics: 10-9-8
Ring Rows (2 sec. hold at top)

WOD: 5-4-3-2-1
1 Arm KB C&J
Floor Press (Plate)


What are your thoughts?

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