Bridging the Gap: An Oly And WOD Shoe

24 July 2012

What to wear… what to wear. Squat snatches in the WOD and burpees. It’s tough to coordinate for the sport of fitness sometimes. Traditional olympic lifting shoes are tailored for specific purposes. One of which is to recruit the quadriceps and glutes to assist in the production of maximal explosive power. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Look at olympic lifting shoes (slang: Oly shoes) like you would a Formula 1 cars. 0 to 60 in 1.6 seconds on a straightaway. Raw power.

As we all know, CrossFit is variable, mixed modal and unpredictable to a certain extent. It requires a shoe that gets through the lifting in the WOD’s. While the tall heel stack seems counter intuitive, it is actually very stable. Unlike the favored running shoe or cross-trainer which is like standing on pillows and weight dispersal is varied. Why wear a running shoe for Olympic-style lifting? Well, actually you can and probably should.

A little known shoe that bridges the gap, in my opinion is the adidas Power Lift Trainer Shoe. Solid on box jumps, rope climbs WOD’s and Oly lifts. It’s a great contender and can be purchased under $90.


What are your thoughts?

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