When Should I Workout?


30 July 2012


Melissa “M300” Deadlifting near 150lbs.


With the addition of our 6am classes commencing tomorrow, many of you may be asking yourself  ‘so when SHOULD I workout’?  As you attempt to answer this question for yourself, consider the following information:




  • Workouts before breakfast can burn more body fat (the calories you burn remain the same).
  • Morning workouts can kick-start your metabolism for the whole day.  In short, you can burn more calories during your regular daily activities.
  • The release of hormones in response to your workout can actually make you happier throughout your work-day.




  • Working out later in the day can set you up for better strength performance. Because you have been out and about for quite sometime, your body temperature is higher, which increases your metabolism.
  • An evening WOD can be a great stress reliever after your work-day.
  • You may sleep better.  Metabolism and circadian rhythms are closely linked.


BMI vs. Body Fat

BMI vs. Body Fat (Photo credit: syvwlch)


Ultimately, you will know what works best for your body by monitoring your energy levels, performance, and progress towards your goals.  It’s an experiment. WOD in the morning.  WOD in the evening.  Compare, contrast and conclude. See you at the box!


31 July 2012
Gymnastics: HSPU’s 6×4


15 Thrusters (45/65#)
25 DU’s




What are your thoughts?

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