Fit Kids Equal Better Grades

4 August 2012

A Hippocampal Pyramidal Cell

A Hippocampal Pyramidal Cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Researchers from the University of Illinois did a study on physical fitness and cognition on children and found out something quite astonishing. That is children who are physically fit are also likely to have a higher relational memory. Simply put, get your kids outdoors and moving. High intensity activities (running, jumping, swinging, climbing) help develop the hippocampus in turn expanding the child’s memory. Furthermore, recent studies find that children who are physically fit also do better academically overall.

“Higher fit children had higher performance on the relational memory task, higher fit children had larger hippocampal volumes, and in general, children with larger hippocampal volumes had better relational memory,” Chaddock said.

Get your kids outdoors at an early age and keep them active and strong both physically and mentally.

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