Climb Steadily

8 August 2012

English: Rope Ladder for children Deutsch: Str...

Wrung by wrung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SCALE: to climb, to ascend, to rise in steps or stages. A ladder. A progression.

The Outpost CrossFit coaches are here to help you climb, step by step, to achieve your CrossFit goals. When you meet a goal you have set, you have not only gained physical strength; you also experience an increase in confidence, a sense of accomplishment, an improved self-image and state of euphoria.

Say you have made up your mind to become a pianist. Would you expect to sit down at a Young Chang Grand Piano and play Rachmaninoff – Rach 3, Sonata #2 without lessons? You may have listened to the track a million times on YouTube and truly believe you can play it, but of course, you most likely cannot. You’ve had no instruction. No practice. You have yet to develop muscle memory, flexibility and skill to draw from.

Although sheer will and confidence are necessary ingredients for success, tools and skill are the building blocks. In short, start with learning the C Scale. You’ll need to play Chopsticks before Rachmaninoff!

When you join the box or learn a new skill/lift, don’t try to play Rachmaninoff on day 1. If you do, you’ll be embarrassed, discouraged, injured and you won’t come back to try again. Climb the scale. Set yourself up for success.

Scaling doesn’t mean you descend from wrung 12 to wrung 6 because you’re just ‘not feeling it today’. Scaling means you are steadily climbing one wrung at a time to better performance and skill every day. Listen to us when we tell you where to start. You will thank us later, when you succeed.


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