Rock Out to Workout

11 August 2012

Beats Per Minute

Studies show that listening to music before or during workouts can in fact influence performance as well as perceived exertion. Music during your workout can cause “a reduction in the feeling of fatigue, an increase in levels of psychological arousal, a physiological relaxation response and an improvement in motor coordination.” (The Beat Goes On, by Nicole M. Harmon; Len Kravitz)

We all have our specific faves when it comes to tunes that pump us up. However, in order for music to have a positive effect on your performance, it really only needs to have one quality: about 120bpm or more. It DOESN’T need to be played by an artist you love, it doesn’t need to be “hardcore”, and it doesn’t need to be on your personal favorite list.

Granted, many of us prefer to listen to the music we choose, not just music that fits the tempo requirements. There are definite benefits psychologically to listening to your favorites, but your physiological response will be nearly the same whether you like the song or not, as long as you’re familiar with it.

If you truly must hear specific songs to feel ready to PR your Clean and Jerk, grab your headphones and pump yourself up to your own playlist BEFORE class. During class, you’ll need to have your ears open to listen for coaching cues. Have faith that the aural environment we’re providing with the box playlist will have just as strong an effect on your physical output. And remember, you can always make a request to add your favorite song to our playlist. If we find it suits Outpost CrossFit’s style, we’ll be happy to add it to the rotation!

Jam on.


What are your thoughts?

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