“Take time with a wounded hand, cause it likes to heal”

Hard working moms get ripped!

When you’re feeling like “half the man you used to be” then you know it’s time to deload. Reduce the weight and intensity of your workouts for 1 week.  You need the time to allow your body to reconstruct itself through active rest. You do not get stronger from exercise, you get stronger by RECOVERING from exercise. Overtraining is just plain dumb.  When deload is over, hit it harder, faster, stronger and better next week.  If you rested this week, you’ll see your gains reflected in your performance.

WU: 3×5 @40% 1RM
WS: 3×5 @ 40, 50, 60% 1RM

10 Ball Slams
10 HSPU’s


What are your thoughts?

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