The Bird Is the Word

1 Sept. 2012

Rosi doing her thing early one morning.

I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in my day. But never has it been said that the early bird DOESN’t catch the worm. Gotta get at it every chance you get. Make opportunity happen. It’s not going to be easy and it will hurt. That’s pretty much how life goes. It’s not easy and it does hurt. Get over it. Greater things await you if you believe they will. Believe. That’s the key.


Good times.

When I hear Shauntea’s funny jokes and positive outlook it reminds me to stay positive. When I see Jenn run her ass off she motivates me to try harder. When JoAnn makes it a priority to show up 3 or more times a week despite her crazy schedule I am inspired to focus on what is necessary to carry out my goals. When Larry cracks a smile I learn tough love is code for do your best. When Hector shows up and is the only one to do so and walks out saying “Thank you” I see what respect is. When Eric says he is willing to volunteer his time to help the community grow I am humbled.

21 Thruster (65/95#)
21 Pull-ups
30 KB swing
30 Sit-ups
50 Double unders


What are your thoughts?

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