Labor Day Weekend Throwdown 2012!

1 Sept. 2012

English: Front page of The People, 19 uly 1896

The People (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah yes. It is that time of year again when we celebrate the contributions and achievements of the community of American workers with parades, parties and athletic events! The idea was first presented by Matthew Maguire back in  1882. Or was it Peter McGuire? In any event… although it was not known whether the holiday would gain national observance at the time, it was already established that Americans were doing work, son!


So to keep with the CrossFit tradition of community and functional movements at high intensity, Outpost CrossFit has partnered with CrossFit Shoreside and Gear212 to bring you the 1st Annual Labor Day Weekend Throwdown September 2nd 2012! What better way to celebrate the labor movement than by doing functional movements at high intensity?! Bring friends, a dish to pass and cash to spend. And of course don’t forget to bring your A game and dress accordingly for the weather. Come to Outpost CrossFit and do work, son! Rain or shine.



What are your thoughts?

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