Labor Day Weekend Throwdown 2012: It’s a wrap!

2 Sept 2012

Mastering the Pull Under. Pictured: Josh T., foreground (CrossFit Fire), Coach Ismael (Outpost CrossFit), Larry N. (Outpost CF), Ryan V. (CF Warrenville)

Forget weighted pull-ups! Outpost CrossFit introduced the Pull Under at this years Labor Day Weekend Throwdown. The Pull Under is much more challenging than any pull-up variant out there.  The Pull-under is all about creating vertical thrust with the upper body while trying desperately to keep from sliding on the sagittal or frontal plane without kipping or a band.

Thank you to all the athletes and CrossFit community for celebrating the three day weekend by supporting and “doing work” at the Labor Day Weekend Throwdown! Among the affiliates represented were CrossFit Shoreside, CrossFit Fire, CrossFit Carbon, CrossFit Warrenville and many other lone wolves, gyms and powerlifters. Also a tall thank you to Gear212. See you next year for the 2nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Throwdown! Until then, practice your Pull-Unders everyone! Courtesy of yours truly, Outpost CrossFit.  You’re welcome!

3 Sept 2012

REST. The box is closed. 

See you Tuesday!


2 responses to “Labor Day Weekend Throwdown 2012: It’s a wrap!

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  2. Reblogged this on Outpost CrossFit and commented:

    This one went down in history. Labor Day Weekend Throwdown 2013 is just around the corner. Train. Fight. Win.
    Paleo Lecture
    WOD: 3R: 5min Circuits
    10 HSPU’s
    10 V-Ups
    Jump Rope 1 Min
    Box step ups with remaining time (score is step-ups)


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