Wrap your thumbs!


6 Sept 2012

Wrap your thumbs

There are real reasons for the thumb wrap.  It’s not just an Outpost preference, it’s functional. Here’s why:

1.  A wrapped thumb creates more potential for torque at the shoulder. (A hooked thumb FEELS more comfortable at the BOTTOM of your hang, but actually inhibits range of motion throughout the rest of your pull-up) If you want to increase your max pull-up number, you need to be in alignment.  Rib cage pinned down, arms straight up overhead, spine stacked straight.  Sound familiar? (It’s your overhead position too).

2. It builds your grip strength. Want a higher maxes on your lifts? Tighten up that grip.  Your forearm is the forgotten muscle structure that does tons of work and gets no street cred.  Forget the gym-rats with the bulging biceps. Build your forearm.

3. You’re safer.  Kipping? Without a wrapped thumb, your chances of losing grip mid-kip and literally flying off the bar increase drastically.

If you’re a real go-getter, get your pinky knuckle over/on top of the bar, and wrap your thumb not only under the bar, but over your middle finger too (See photo above). This position, though strange at first, sets you up for maximizing shoulder torque as well as stabilizes your grip to minimize grinding on the bar.  Less grinding = less callus tearing = more pull-ups = happy you.

7 Sept. 2012 

Clean and Jerk (55/65#)
15 Sit-ups (after each C&J)


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