Learning The Ropes

11 September 2012


The rope climb is quickly becoming a favorite exercise around the box. It is simple, effective and people really get a kick out of watching others climb the darn things! It is all about how to efficiently navigate the rope. The challenge, however, is finding a technique that works for a given situation.

How do we as athletes best address the rope climb effectively? To answer this question let’s go over some techniques and how to apply them.

The S wrap – wrap the rope around your lower leg and over the top of the instep. Pin the portion of rope over your instep with your opposing foot.

The J wrap – allow the rope to fall to either side of ones body. The rope rolls underneath the bottom of that foot and over the other foot. Apply a slight outward pressure.

Both methods are also called squat breaking methods.

12 Sept 2012
WOD: For Time
40 KB Shoulder to Overhead (20 L/R)
30 KB Sit-ups
20 Hindu Push-ups
10 Tire Flips


What are your thoughts?

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