Excuse Busters!

12 Sept 2012

Excuse: I’m too old.

Buster: Today was Ursula’s 60th birthday.

Excuse: I’m pregnant.

Buster:  So is she.

Melissa Hohmann pregnant pull-ups

Excuse: I have physical injuries/handicaps/limitations

Buster: It doesn’t stop them!

Excuse: I don’t want to get too bulky or big

Buster: Unless you think joining a basketball league is going to turn you into Michael Jordan, get over it.  It takes YEARS of diligent, dedicated HARD training to look like Julie Foucher or Matt Chan! We promise you: you won’t be placing in The Games after one month of CrossFit.  After 12 months? Well, that’s up to you.  Get in here.

13 Sept 2012

Technique: Push Jerk/SDLHP

WOD: 21-15-9
Floor Press
Burpee Deadlift


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