First Responder WOD: “Orozco”

18 September 2012

Andy O. making it look easy.

Meet Andy. He’s an all around good guy. When he’s done doing work at The Outpost, he goes to do work at the PD. Yeah, buddy! I think he said he was trying P90X or Tae Bo prior to joining here. I remember after his intro WOD he looked up, trying to find me through the fog of badassery and simply said, “P90X doesn’t have shit on CrossFit. I just wanted to find out for myself.” He approved with a nod. Or maybe it was the post-WOD “I’m ok” response. That happens from time to time.

Training here at the box, Andy had gotten quite fast and the ‘bad guys’ quickly found that out! As his job would have it, he was out looking for bad guys and found himself sprinting down city streets and bounding over backyard fences to stop one. If it wasn’t for poor upkeep of that last fence he went over to tackle the guy he’d probably be alright.

He has since been sidelined. But like the Terminator, he’ll be back. Your Outpost family is wishing you a speedy recovery, buddy.

19 September 2012

Push Press
WU: 5-5-5 @ 40%1RM
WS: 12-10-8 @60%1RM

First Responder WOD: “Orozco”
KB Swing
Diamond Push-Ups



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