Those Who First Respond

19 September 2012

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We value our first responder community. Putting your lives on the line without hesitation and getting shit done against all odds. Coach Ismael made the opportunity to ride-along with some of Lake County’s finest. That opportunity has really put the first responder’s line of duty into perspective. These guys and gals give it 110% to keep their brother and fellow man safe. To commemorate you, the first responders, coach Ismael and Sophia are starting a new First Responder WOD series! Although we cannot be on the front lines of the home front with you, know that we, as a CrossFit family do recognize your efforts. We’ll commemorate your sweat, blood, and tears with ours.

To our brother’s and sisters at the box who are EMT’s, Fire, and Police personnel, a prayer:

Those Who First Respond

Many evils untold.
Where dangers do dwell.
May you be guided each day
by your brothers who fell.

May their wings shield your person.
Guiding light on your path.
Standing eyeball to eyeball:
Uncertainty’s wrath.

May their clear sight be yours.
Steady breath, yours as well.
Holding steadfast your hand
when you’re walking through hell.

May you return safely
to your family each time.
While your brothers eternal
are walking the line.

– Ismael Rosa, II


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