Who’s Ready?

19 September 2012

Bossing the tires around.

Hector (pictured center) has been consistently improving all his techniques since he first started. He’s motivated and likes to kill some WOD’s as often as he can! Jenny (on the left) drives all the way down from her job in Milwaukee to get the job done out here also! She’s at the box for the community atmosphere. Suzanne (right of Hector) got involved because Rosi told her the secret to getting the body you want is to CrossFit at The Outpost. Johnny (far right) came to us by way of the Warren High School hockey coach, Adam (who is also an athlete at The Outpost).

Training like this is a great way to get fit, let off steam, and set those endorphins loose. Especially, in a team-oriented environment. No better way to have something to talk about then by doing the work together in a group. If you want to stay young be like Hector and the crew. Get with some friends and work hard. 

20 September 2012

WOD: Tabata Something Else! (16 mins)


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