Eat right for your Type

23 October 2012

There are tons of diet theories out there.  As you know, we typically guide our Athletes towards a Paleo lifestyle.  However, Paleo isn’t always right for everyone. Zone is another viable option that we often speak of, and lately, we’ve been doing some research on the Blood Type Diet.  Peter D’Adamo, the diet’s medical author, theorizes that lectins in foods react differently with each blood type, causing some foods to provide significant benefits and some to act as ‘poisons’.

There are many critiques of the Blood Type Diet, and the common theme amongst dietitians and physicians is that D’Adamo’s theory has no real scientific evidence.  However, you will also find many believers in the diet reporting success stories and even attributing their recovery from disease and illness to the Blood Type Diet.  In fact, in 2009 published an article supporting the diet, and in 2011 they published an article citing 3 reasons to avoid it.

Ultimately, each individual is unique. If you eat clean (eliminating processed foods), exercise, and get regular check-ups, you’ll definitely see  improvements to your health.  Seek resources and get educated; but in the end – YOU are your own best judge of what to put into your body.  Only YOU can feel and clearly see your body’s reactions to new fuel and new exercise. Coach Ismael always says, “you are your own science experiment”.  The Blood Type Diet is simply another hypothesis to consider.

General overview of Blood Type Diet by Michael Lam, MD

24 Oct 2012
Introduction to the GHD
10 Wall Ball Shots
10 Incline Push Ups w/ball
10 Pull Unders



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