“Want” vs. “Don’t Want”

9 November 2012

Success is the result of positive and affirmative thinking.

You’re used to setting goals. You’re used to coming to the box, WODing hard, posting your times and comparing your results to your past. However, how much attention are you giving to the PROCESS of achieving your goals? Not only do you need a clear plan for skill progressions, you also need to keep your mind focused on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want. Many of us forget this simple rule in The Law of Attraction and pay more attention to measuring our deficits rather than our surplus or advancements. It’s the difference between telling yourself “I don’t want to Modify this WOD” and “I want to do this WOD Rx’d”. Which mindset will produce results? The one with positive phrasing! It’s true, sometimes you need to see exactly what you don’t want in order to identify your true desire, but once you have achieved that clarity, view every step as closer to your goal in a positive perspective.

10 Nov 2012

Tabata Duet: Burpees and Sit Ups

10 T2B
5 KB Swing
1 HSPU’s


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