First Responder WOD: “Cancino, A.”

13 November 2012

Almost a year ago today, Officer Cancino was patrolling the city streets on a midnight shift. At around 3:30am she saw two men sprinting from a Citgo gas station. A call also went out over her police radio describing possibly armed and dangerous suspects matching the descriptions. She immediately went into action and called for back-up. While back-up was en route she moved quickly from her cruiser towards the suspects, weapon at the ready. She managed to corral 3 of the 4 suspects… well… single-handedly. The 4th suspect, unfortunately for him, was apprehended by a K-9 unit. Chomp! Final score: Cancino – 3. Bad guys – 0. Ultimately, her actions and that of other fellow officers lead to the break-up of a burglary ring that spanned from Northern to Southern Lake County.

14 Nov. 2012 First Responder WOD: “Cancino, A.”
Wall Ball (12/20#)
OHS Squat (1/2 BW)
Pull-ups (weighted)

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