You Choose

19 November 2012

Choose this moment to be your moment of truth.

Are you truly committed? Or are you in it to look good for others? Which viewpoint drives you when you’re in the heat of the last round and you’re dead last? Do you ham it up and grunt, groan, and yell to “show” how hard you’re working? Do you skimp on your range of motion or fudge your numbers? Or do you really want to be stronger, fitter, and braver? If so, every move you make is clearly in pursuit of that goal.  You’re not looking at others looking at you.  You’re holding yourself to the highest standards.  In the heat of that last round when you’re dead last to finish, you’re your own cheerleader, judge and motivation. You choose.

20 Nov 2012

WOD: 3/5 RFT
20 DU’s
10 Side Planks (5R/5L)
5 Tire Flips


What are your thoughts?

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