The CrossFit Games Are Coming!

28 November 2012

It’s November.  After November comes December. After December, arrives January and FINALLY February!  Why do CrossFitters need to care about February? It’s typically the month that begins with The CrossFit Open and the journey to the global CrossFit competition The CrossFit Games begins! Will you be ready? Set your sights on mastering your skills and fueling your machine correctly these next few months.  There is NO modifying in The Games! Get Rx’d and get on the Leaderboard.  Not decided if you’re going to compete yet? Check out some of last year’s CrossFit Open WODs to get an idea of how it all works. Ask us more about it.  Outpost CrossFit will be hosting all The Open WOD’s for competitors. Who knows, it just may be YOU qualifying for and competing at Regionals or even The Games in 2013!

Will this move be in The Games 2013? You never know! Get ready!

29 Nov 2012

SAQ Ladder

8 (4/4) Turkish Sit Ups
8 (4/4) Pistols


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