Shout outs!

5 December 2012

Mad props!

Mad props!

There are some great things happening for members in our community.  We just want to give a shout out to a few of you who are accomplishing great things worth celebrating!

Jen H.: Congratulations on applying your CrossFit tough-mind and positive attitude toward landing a new job!

Kenny: You have dropped around 14% body fat since you began at Outpost, and you’re super close to nailing your muscle up! Today could be the day!

Teresa: Your skill accomplishments in the last month alone are all worth a shout out. Toes to bar, OH Squat, HSPU’s to name a few! Keep it up.  The 2013 Games better watch out!

Rosi and Christina: Your strength gains continue to awe and inspire! Your body weight to load ratios are rising, proving your beasty status! Keep it up!

Ray: Your determination, concentration and dedication are paying off quickly.  You’re making huge leaps lately and becoming quite quick.  Keep at it!

Michelle: In the short time you’ve been with us, your skill at EVERYTHING has increased exponentially! You have a great ability to apply the coaching you receive the first time and then every time thereafter.  Nice work!

JoAnn, Suzanne and Karyn: It is never easy to come back after a long CrossFit hiatus.  You all are doing a fantastic job of rebuilding your skill and keeping a positive mindset! Nothing stops you strong women!

Jen A: Your spunky attitude and well-planned approach to training has you sticking to your CrossFit goals.  We know that as you train for the Boston Marathon, you’ll exceed even your own expectations!! PR, here you come!

Ashley:  You are one tough kid! You love the pain, and you keep on going to failure, reevaluating, adjusting and succeeding.  Your squat is like none other! Keep owning it!

All of you inspire and create greatness every day.  These are just a few noteworthy demonstrations of bad-assness that we chose to mention here.  You know what you’re doing here, and you know we see you doing it.  Worry not, we’re not always just calling you out on your shortcuts or tweaking your weaknesses, we’re admiring your strengths every time you show up!

 6 Dec 2012
EMOM, complete an equal amount of Power Snatches and Box Jumps95/75# Snatch, 20/24″ Box

1 min = 1 Pwr Sn, 1 Box Jump
2 min = 2 Pwr Sn, 2 Box Jump

Until failure to complete within the minute


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