Sit-ups and Concealed Carry

10 December 2012


Training for the unknown and the unknowable is the underpinning of CrossFit. In that vein, we seek to provide training for our members that addresses many of life’s needs including athletic endeavors, health, wellness, and survival. We have recently expanded this to self-defense. We’ve partnered with a local small business, Armed Protected Citizen, which prides itself in providing civilians and LEO/Mil alike an unmatched self-defense training.

Armed Protected Citizen Shooting Tactics brings the latest in Law Enforcement Shooting techniques to the civilian population. All courses are designed for both men and women alike with safety and patience being the top priority during instruction.

Outpost Crossfit and Armed Protected Citizen or APC Concealed Carry class for Utah and Arizona CCW licenses on December 23rd!  The course is exclusive to our members; $80 and lasts 4 hours. Taught by APC Owner Joe Baysinger, an NRA certified instructor, you’ll get all the info you’ve been seeking for a great price. Sign up! Many of you were on a waitlist eagerly anticipating this class.  We hope you can make it! Sign-up here.

When: Dec. 23 2012
Time: 12pm to 4pm
Where: Outpost CrossFit
Firearm Not Required!

11 Dec 2012

WOD: For Time
100 Sit-ups



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