The Outpost Athlete’s Character

11 December 2012


Coach Ismael (2nd from the right) and 2011/12 CrossFit Games competitor Michele Letendre (2nd from the left) at CrossFit Level 1 Cert at CrossFit Colosseum, Toronto, ON, Canada.

The Outpost CrossFit Athlete has a certain persona that we’re proud of. The Outpost Athlete is:

  • Dedicated
  • Positive minded
  • Goal-oriented
  • Respectful
  • Focused on their work
  • Genuinely celebratory of other’s accomplishments
  • Supportive
  • Confident
  • Grounded/Mindful
  • Playful, and uses discretion to decide how and when to play!

Things we practice:

  • Our skill!
  • Positive mindset: seeing our failures as opportunities to learn and succeed
  • Respecting and encouraging our fellow Outpost Athletes
  • Celebrating true accomplishments among us
  • Ignoring and deflecting show-offs and negative attention seekers
  • Camaraderie devoid of judgement!

We do not tolerate anything less! We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a safe environment to work hard. We protect each other, build one another, play, sweat, and fail together. If you’ve been to our box, you can see why we’re different. You either love it, or you leave. It’s that simple. We are Outpost Athletes. This is our character.

12/12/12 WOD: For Time
20 Push-ups
40 C2B Pull-ups


What are your thoughts?

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