13 December 2012

Mayan calendar

Mayan calendar

2012 is coming to a close.  Will it be the end of the world? Or the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Will you be ready? Thankfully, you’ve been training hard at Outpost. And what’s even better? All your WOD buddies are fast and strong too.  We’ll have each other’s back.

However, this isn’t the only closure on the horizon.  When the end of the world as we know it passes, (and we start rebuilding it), the box will be closed for a week.  I know this is hard to accept.  We will miss you. But we will return. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

THE BOX WILL BE CLOSED from Friday December 28th to Friday Jan 4th!

We’ll REOPEN Saturday Jan 5th! 

14 Dec 2012

WOD: 8 min AMRAP 
10 (5 L/R) KB Hang Pwr Cleans
10 Burpees


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