Self Preservation

24 December 2012

Katy, Lee & Kim doin’ work.

“Strong people are harder to kill, and generally more useful.” – Rip

Life is not as scary as our minds make it out to be. It’s all about perspective. Your mindset as you walk into an unknown situation has to be optimistic or at the very least realistic. What tools do you have at your disposal (ingenuity, strength, communication skills, work ethic, etc.)? Will you choose to be in a positive mindset when the proverbial excrement hits the oscillation? Will you take away a positive lesson learned from the experience? Will you prevail?

This small band of brothers and sisters sure did! Oh yes they did! They did get up on Saturday morning and decide I’m going to better my circumstances and increase my chances of survival. They did get into a situation with unknown and unknowable variables. They did get to flippin’ that damn 150 pound tire. And they liked it!

WOD: 21-15-9
C&J (60% 1RM)
Knees to Elbow


What are your thoughts?

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