Paleo Questions: Answered

21 January 2013

How do you measure up?

How do you measure up?

Congratulations! It’s been 1 week! You’re still alive, and you don’t really miss all that starchy processed nonsense anyway. You’re down in weight. You’re feeling more energized. You’re definitely motivated – and your dedication to fueling your body properly is beginning to positively affect your strength and WOD times! All this newfound greatness has your brain turning….and here are a few of the questions we’ve been hearing:

1. “I lost weight – but my body fat stayed the same! Am I doing something wrong?”

  • This is not an indicator that you’re doing anything wrong. It’s very difficult, especially in the first week to hold on to your lean body mass while you drop weight. Time your protein intake to occur within an hour after your WOD. Fuel with some healthy fats before WOD’ing. Lift heavy. Last week you found yourself feeling sluggish and lethargic as your body went through detox. This week the pep in your step returns with a vengeance. Lift big! Your numbers will start doing what you want them to.
  • Still not feeling satisfied with that answer? Take your measurements. You’re no longer experiencing internal inflammation from wheat and dairy. Look in the mirror. Don’t you look leaner already? I bet you can see the outline of your muscle structures a lot better than you could 7 days ago. Get out the measuring tape. See for yourself!

2. “If I have one bite of something non-Paleo for the day, can I still give myself a point for the day?”

  • Well no, you may not, but thanks for asking! Play fair. Gotta be strict to earn your points. Don’t like that answer? Make up your points another way. Stretch for 20 minutes – twice. Get 8 hours of sleep. Do a double-WOD day. You can still earn points, but keep it real!

3. “Next week, do we post only our 2nd week total, or the running total of week 1 + week 2?”

  • Let’s post a running total. That way you can see where you really stand among the competition. Let it motivate you!

Get in and get some! See you at the box!

22 Jan 2013

WOD: Tabata Lifts – for reps
Hang Power Clean (65/95#)
Push Press (95/75#)



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