Roller Coaster

26 February 2013


How’s that for a slice of fried gold? Random snow storms. Crappy roadways. Illinois General Assembly passes the 27th Amendment in a marathon House Bill hearing in the Judicial Committee. Gibberish to some I know. But for the state at large it means you WILL NOT see registered gun owners walking around with rifles draped about their person a la Constitutional Carry (also known as Unrestricted Carry of Firearms). Instead, Concealed Carry legislation has come one step closer in Illinois. Bringing billions of revenue dollars with it. Yes, billions with a B.

Moving right along.

So if you have not yet completed benchmark WOD Fran or need a good deadlift on hump day we’ll oblige you.

27 February 2013 

WU: 5,5,3 @ 50%
WS: 12, 10, 8 @ 60,70,80%

1 Min Jump Rope

3 rounds of:
6 Pull Unders
8 T2B
10 Push Ups

1 Min Jump Rope



What are your thoughts?

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