Shock Therapy

14 March 2013


Joe P. hit his box jump PR today during a WOD. 16″ so far. Soon he’ll be on the 20″. Way to go, Joe.

So who almost died tonight? Nobody! But you sure felt the effects of fight or flight for real. You are now better and stronger for it. Stressful situations will become laughable. The simple things that used to stress you out will now be things you laugh at. When we first started our box, the mantra was “Every one tries. No one quits.” or “E1T N1Q”. You guys reminded me what CrossFit is all about. Everyone tries their best at their physiological and psychological threshold. Continue doing that and you WILL become better. Period.

Athletes at the box, you are being forged by the trials of competitive fire. Bonding to your family at the box has never been easier. Just WOD till you almost puke or pass out then repeat. Remember these days, bros!

15 March 2013

Striking: Front kicks

WOD: For Time
30 Burpee Chin-ups


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