Up the Ante

17 March 2013

This week our Open Competitors showed true perseverance.  After our first attempt at 13.2, we collapsed, we heaved, we rolled on the floor, we spit out the door, we walked it off, we regulated our breathing, and recovered.  Then, almost all of us proclaimed within 5 minutes of finishing that we would “try this one again”.  Those of us that didn’t try again only refrained because schedule prevented you from returning to the box before deadline.  This makes you all tougher than Yetis! Respect. Give yourselves credit.

If you don’t like where you sit on that Leaderboard – if that voice inside you says “you’re better than this”….then up the ante.  Change the threshold of your personal best.  Reach higher. Climb. You have 3 more weeks to ascend in the ranks. Decide that is what you’ll do and do it.


18 Mar 2013

WOD: For Time
20 Squats
30 Dips
40 Push Ups
50 Sit Ups
60 JJ’s


What are your thoughts?

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