Do Work, Son!

26 March 2013


“Do work, son!” Leave it all on the floor. When it counts; competition, combat, life, give it all you have. Give it all you’ve got! Yesterday was the easiest day of your life. Tomorrow is only promised to those who hold victory in the highest regard. Sure victory is relative to the individual. Defeat, however… is universal. Defeat is forever.

“Trabaja duro, mijo” my ailing grandmother would tell me in Spanish. “Do work, son.” She grew up a humble farmer deep in the mountains of the Puerto Rican rainforest. She lived a hard life… Experienced hardships that would make a grown man choke up. She never asked for anything and gave whatever she had to her children and grandchildren.

A kind, hard working, woman who passed away last year. Schizophrenic and scared. But she fought. She fought to keep her family fed. She fought the demons of her past till her last breath. Defeat was inconceivable.

“Trabaja duro, mijo.” my strong, beautiful grandmother would say to me. Do work, son. So I do as I’m told. And I pass those words on to you. “Do work, son!” Sleep when your dead. Amen.

27 March 2013

Condition: Scarecrows

WOD: For Time
60 Sit-ups
30 Chin-ups
1 Ascent


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