Be The Lightning

4 April 2013

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Be the lightning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lightning strikes are curious electromagnetic processes that occur only when the conditions are right. Atlhough each bolt of lightning is unique they all follow the path of least resistance to produce the same effect. Lightning and, subsequently, thunder. Like lightning, each athlete seeks to achieve efficiency in the execution of their movement in order to achieve the desired effect. Strength and Power. However, each and everyone of you move differently to achieve the same goal. That is to say, individual muscle recruitment patterns vary slightly from person to person. Your clean and jerk may look different than someone else’s but that is not to say you have to move in exactly the same fashion as that person.

Continue to develop and refine your own technique to achieve your goals by paying attention to how your body moves while you are working a skill or lift. Kinesthetic awareness, or awareness as to how the body moves through time and space, is a perishable skill. So keep refining and working at your craft. Consistently create the correct environment for a lighting strike. Strive for accuracy in execution not perfection.

5 April 2013 WOD: 13.5

April’s BDay
7 C&J 65/115#
7 Wide IWP’s
7 Wide Chin-ups


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