Eat Local Farm Fare

26 April 2013

Coach Sophia (foreground) scouring for great food.

Where is the easiest and considerably cost-effective place to procure your Paleo and Zone ingredients? At the farmers market, of course! Most every Friday Coach Sophia hits the Gurnee farmers market. There is always generosity and a lively atmosphere. Farmer Nick is always stocked up with the finest chops, steaks, and eggs! The Farmers Market hosted every Friday by the Gurnee Park District from June to September. If you are local or are in the area from out-of-town looking for a great choice of real foods, stop by. Keep your diet in check. Eat clean.

27 April 2013

Press: 3-3-3-3-3
begin at 50% 1RM


WOD: 10 Min. AMRAP
W/ Partner
10 Med Ball Pass
16 Sit-ups (both)

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