Shut Up!

2 May 2013


Things to which we say “Shut Up”:
“I can’t”. Yes you can. Shut up. Take it slow, listen and learn.
“I have no upper body strength” Do you think we all came out of the womb with lats big enough for pull ups? Shut up. Do work.
“I don’t have time to CrossFit” Shut up. Make it a priority. 45 mins will kick your ass so hard you’ll cry.
“I don’t want to look bulky” (female). Look around this room. Do you see bulk? Shut up. You see strong lean women who can kick your boyfriend’s ass twice in a row.
“I don’t want to lose mass” (male). Look around this room. Do you see the weight these men have on the bar? Don’t you see their t-shirts stretching around their arms and chests? Shut up. A two year old could win a race against you. Get to work.
“But I eat clean and workout hard. Why am I still fat?” Cause you don’t! Shut up. Work harder. Count calories. Eat protein for 30% of your caloric intake. Don’t cheat! Lying to yourself is the worst kind of lie.

Now that the call-out is over, do this: identify your goals. Make them skill or number specific. Talk with us about them. Disclose all your injuries or limitations. Accept them. Build strengths around your weaknesses. Keep a progress journal. Be honest with yourself. And most importantly, celebrate your accomplishments. Give yourself credit when credit is due. Create a new you. Then you can talk all you want!

3 May 2013

WU: 5, 5, 3 @ 40, 50, 60%
WS: 5, 3, 1+ @ 75, 85, 95%

WOD: For Time
100 Burpees


What are your thoughts?

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