Clean on the inside, clean on the outside!

13 May 2013

If you’ve been following our excellent advice to eat clean and cook with coconut oil , chances are good you’ve splattered yourself with it.  Some of our best Outpost gear is now branded with the mark of good old fashioned healthy fat stains.  Here are some helpful tips to clean up your act:

1. Blot the excess oil.
2. Put baking soda on the stain. Wait 5-10 minutes. The baking soda should turn slightly brown as it soaks up the oil. Scrape the baking soda off with the edge of a butter knife.
3. Use dishwashing detergent to pre-treat the stain before washing.
4. Wash the clothing in the washer on the hottest level possible to “melt” the oil. Add a half cup of vinegar to the load to boost the detergent’s effectiveness.
5. Dry your clothes. If the stain is still visible, take it to the good ol’ dry cleaners. You’ve done your best!


14 May 2013

Tire flips:
Row 500m

Run 100m
15 Pull Ups
Run 100m
15 Push Ups
Run 100m
15 KB Swings
Run 100m 
15 Burpees


What are your thoughts?

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