Muscle Up!

17 May 2013

Remember, the whole purpose to the muscle up is to get up higher, get over something, get on top of something, see more.  That’s why kids are so good at them.  They aren’t motivated by another goal/skill achieved, they are in it to get up there! You should be too.  Functional fitness is about getting better at life, doing more, and being more!


18 May 2013


Skill: Handstands/HSPU’s

Run 400m
12 Burpees
12 Thrusters (65/95#)



One response to “Muscle Up!

  1. There’s definitely a lot we can learn from kids in the area of health. They’re so much more active than adults! Instead of trying to get them to blend into what adults are doing, we should be blending into what they’re doing!


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