Coarse Grinds

27 May 2013


A lot of times life is good. Actually, more often than we’d care to admit life is really good. Half full half empty. All a matter of perspective. What if you were put through the grinder? A test of sorts. Would you go through it again? Ask our military athletes at the Outpost. Some have been through it. Ask our first responder athletes at the Outpost. Ask our nurses, lawyers, moms, college students… We’re all tested. We all go through some sort of hell.

This term applies to all of us. Grinder. Some times when one is unappreciative we fall into the grinder. Some of us seek the grinder. Others it’s just your turn. Life is a game. A challenge. A grinder. Some choose to hack it.

If you are going through hell… keep going. -Winston Churchill

28 may 2013

Two-fer Tabata:

WOD: 5 RFT (heavy)
5 HSPU’s
5 chest to bar pull ups
5 Kb swings


What are your thoughts?

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