What The Hell?! Shit (you hear at the OP)!

29 May 2013


We don’t usually take things out of context. But when we do… What the hell?! Shit! It’s that feeling you get when you scratch a Snatch. Or you can’t get it up. Maybe during the Mob. nobody wants to do you next. What the hell?! Shit! You may be laying on your back and the shaft doesn’t touch your chest (insert WTHS here). You’re making good time doing Fran and realize your not Rx’d. What the hell?! Shit! Clean and Jerk? Not after a tough Snatch.

Out of context it sounds like a den of filth especially with all that white dust on the floor. It’s a special vernacular that only those who have experienced will understand. Seriously though, I’ve seen some nice Snatches. But never after Cleaning and Jerking (115/135#).

30 May 2013

Bent knee

3X5 (1-2 min. rest in-between)

50 Jumping Jacks
40 1 Arm KB Swings (20 L/R)
30 Incline Push-ups
20 Box Jumps
10 Pull-under
1 Ascent


What are your thoughts?

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