Save Yourself!

1 July 2013

There are many criticisms, judgements and assumptions made about CrossFit.  Anything (or anyone) that becomes popular quickly is subject to such. One of the most popular assumptions is the old adage “CrossFit is a cult”.  It’s not.  And if you act as though it is, you are misrepresenting the sport and damaging yourself.

CrossFit is NOT a cult, nor a religion.  CrossFit itself cannot “save you”.  There is no holy heaven where CrossFitters with 300 pound+ deadlifts and 200 pound+ clean and jerks go.  You are not any better than anyone else – CrossFitters or not – just because you do hard work and have a sub 5 minute Fran.  There are no privileges due to you.

However, YOU can save you.  From yourself.  From the old, fat, lazy you.  From the judgemental, crabby, negative you.  When you do things, any things, that make you proud of yourself, you increase your positive vibrations. You are the only key to unlocking your greatness.  CrossFit is ONE of the MANY ways you can do that.  If you choose to use it as such.

Just like any inspirational culture, there are those who will distort, misinterpret and exploit it.  Don’t be one. Speak your knowledge to those who ask.  Be proud of yourself, but not conceited.  Be confident, not overzealous.  Be grounded, not egotistical.  Most of all, keep a clear and balanced picture of who you are.  Hunt your own weaknesses and strive to change them…..not others’.

"I'm SO going to heaven. This is like - CrossFit stigmata!"

“I’m SO going to heaven. This is like, CrossFit stigmata!”
-CrossFit Doucebag

2 July 2013

5-5-5-5-5 KB Rows





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