You Need a Coach

8 July 2013

You have all chosen Outpost for a reason, and the most commonly cited reason we hear is that you value the Coaching you receive. (Thank you!).  You’re all tough minded athletes with goals set, future goals in mind, and a training plan in place.  You come to the box to work, cheer, and most of all GET BETTER. Some of you have been with us since our inception in 2010.  Some of you are two months into your Outpost Athlete lives.  And there’s all of the rest of you in between, poised on your journey as an Outpost CrossFit Athlete. Those that you meet on the day of their Free Trial classes look up to you, idolize you and emulate you.  You each have your own heroes both at the box and internationally that you are patterning yourself after, competing with and chasing.

You’re here at Outpost CrossFit because you choose to be.  You’re better as an athlete because you listen, apply and implement what we are coaching.  You thank us when you leave. We know each and every one of you. We know not only your names, but your injury history, your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and what drives you as an athlete.  We know your athletic fears and your PR’s when you conquer them. We program 6 days a week, all 52 weeks a year with YOU, our community in mind. We check in with you, listen to you and communicate with you.  We hold you accountable when you’ve gone missing. We celebrate you when you hit milestones/PR’s/new skills. We respect you!

You are a supportive group.  We encourage you to help one another.  Having a partner watch your form and report what they see is promoted by us.  Explaining the meaning of SDLHP, HSPU, DU, MU and all our other glorious CrossFit shorthand to those who haven’t memorized them is thoughtful and supportive.  These acts help solidify the community that we have fostered and represent the Outpost name.  Leave the difficult questions to the Staff to answer.  When you’re at the box and you need help, ask a Coach.  When you see a new member with the deer-in-headlights look, reassure them that your Coaches can help. When you aren’t sure about a how to execute a lift, skill or exercise, ask a Coach.  In the same vein, if you see athletes offering unsolicited coaching to others, please alert a Coach.  If you are receiving tips from another athlete, always double check with a Coach. Athletes, be selective. We want you to stay safe and train smart.  Always consider the source of the information you’re given.

Also remember, even Coaches need a Coach! You may see Head Coach Ismael assessing Coach Sophia’s form, or Coach Sophia correcting Head Coach Ismael’s set up position.  You may see Coach Sophia asking CF Level 1 members Coach Rosi or Coach Chris to “spot check” for her during a lift … the reality is we all have a common goal; we want to get better.  And for that, you need a Coach!


9 July 2013

SAQ Drills
Hip Opening Drills

WOD: EMOTM 8 mins
10 KB Swings



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