Another Day

20 July 2013

You’re here today.  Be grateful.  You have been blessed with the gift of another day. The possibilities for what you do with it are infinite.  Learn, get stronger, play, discover, test, retest, conquer, create, accomplish, remodel, discharge, reload, adopt, enrich, benchmark, transition, identify, improvise, validate…….

Birthday Cake, Paleo Style!

Birthday Cake, Paleo Style!

20 July 2013

WOD: Jorge’s Bday WOD

26 Pull Ups/Lunges
26 Box Jumps/Squat Hold
26 Push Ups/Jumping Jacks
26 Hang Pwr Clean (75/105#) /Dead hang
26 KB Swings/Plank hold
Run 200m (together)

Partner 1 completes numbered reps, partner 2 performs placeholder, then switch before moving on.


What are your thoughts?

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