Core to Extremity

22 July 2013

Functional movements originate from the core and follow through with the appendages.  The core is comprised of the glutes, pelvis, abdominals and spine.  We teach you to organize your core during your set-up before any movement.  We teach you to lock in that organization with the use of blocking.  We use catchy phrases like “When the elbow bends, the power ends”.

Under stress and fatigue, athletes begin to violate this basic core to extremity rule; increasing risk of injury.  As Outpost Athletes, you know to prioritize proper set up BEFORE time. Racing through a WOD with poor form, core to extremity violation, and stabilization neglect only reinforces bad habits and increases risk. However, one can go fast while paying attention to all these very important factors.  And THAT is what makes an athlete elite. If you have reached a plateau that you seem unable to overcome, you likely have a core to extremity violation built into your form.  Look there first. Fix it, memorize it and use it every time. 




23 July 2013

Ring Dips

WOD: 21-15-9
Candlestick Burpees
Wall Balls


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