Eating Clean: The Raw Truth

8 Aug 2013

By now most of us believe we have the “eating clean” thing nailed.  We know how to detox and get off the sugar, eliminate cravings, consume meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  But most of us are still purchasing these items at the grocery store.  As it turns out, eating clean is harder than you think.  Even the regulations for certified organic food have loopholes that allow some percentage of non-organic ingredients to be included in organic labeled food.

There are, however, farmers out there that are doing it right.  And doing it right ain’t easy.  (Nor is it supported by the government). Self proclaimed “Lunatic Farmer” Joel Salatin runs a family owned, un-orthodox, “beyond organic” farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley he calls Polyface Farm. He dubbed it so because no one area of his farm serves only one purpose, they all have many faces.  In fact, the animals natural tendencies, habits and preferences do a sizable amount of work for him. One of his novel ideas includes moving his animals everyday including the use of “chicken tractors”.  According to Joel, he’s simply expanding on the natural farming system that was in place before the pioneers shifted their focus from grass based fields to grain based fields.   Joel is internationally known for his unique farming techniques and more and more farmers are becoming inspired to follow his model.  Here’s hoping we can find one near us!

Chicken tractor or egg mobile on Polyface Farm.

Chicken tractor or egg mobile on Polyface Farm.

9 Aug 2013

Snatch Balance
WU: 10-12-14 @40, 45, 50%
WS: 5-5-5 @65, 70, 75%

WOD: 10 min AMRAP
Ashley’s Sweet 16
3 Deadlift
3 Power Clean
3 Front Squat
3 Push Jerk
Run 100m

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