Which excuse did you use?

21 Aug 2013

Did the dog eat your wrist wraps? No wait, you couldn’t get a ride.  Oh Oh! You had to go get a new cell phone cause you dropped yours in your ice bath? Hm…….

Whatever excuse you used to avoid “Josh” today, it won’t work to avoid tomorrow.  You simply just won’t believe yourself.  Everybody else who DID show up just got stronger and faster than you. Plus you’ll get detention if you lie to yourself like that again.  Shame.

But those double unders, tho....

But those double unders, tho….

21 Aug 2013

Partial Bench Press
WU: 6-8-10 @50, 55, 60%
WS: 3-3-3+ @75, 80, 85%

40 Double Unders
20 Push Ups


What are your thoughts?

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