Be Grateful


21 August 2013




Remember to be greatful everyday. Begin with yourself and work your way out; from your inner circle of nuclear family, close family. Make your way out to furthest reaches of your comfort zone (or social bubble). Not just this once in a while though. Practice enriching yourself and others by practicing and harboring a mantra of greatfullness for any and every great thing in your life. Big or small. It will make your days look up and not down. Especially with how crazy the real world is.

A person at the box who has a grateful attitude is Kendra. She always comes in with a smile on her face. She’s funny, charismatic and can Clean a barbell like a beast! She’s gotten stronger over time and has even made training at the Outpost a bonding experience with her daughter Shelby.


Kendra’s BDAY WOD:
1/2 Deck
A-12 Burpees
F-12 Reps
H-KB Swing
C-KB Row
D-Jumping Jack


What are your thoughts?

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